Effective Guidance for Park Owners and Managers in Rules Enforcement

Operating a manufactured housing community, mobilehome park or RV community in California is highly regulated. Managing a community park requires adherence to a variety of local, state and federal rules, regulations and laws. The piecemeal nature of the laws that impact businesses in the industry are highly complex and change over time.

Rent control, discrimination laws, health and safety codes, Title 25 of the California Code of Regulations, residency law under the California Mobilehome Parks Act and other laws all have influence over park management. Rudderow Law Group has earned a solid reputation among mobilehome park owners and managers throughout California for its comprehensive representation and legal guidance in park operations and dispute resolution services.

Are Your Park Rules Up to Date?

It is critical for a park to have well written and comprehensive rules governing the community. With the ever-changing economic and legal landscape, park rules often fall out of date. Rudderow Law Group provides park owners and managers with cost-effective guidance to ensure that their park rules are in compliance with the law. Attorney Dan Rudderow has earned a solid reputation in reviewing current rules, and drafting and revising park rules to protect businesses against future litigation.

Protecting Park Owners’ Rights in Park Rule Enforcement Disputes

When rules violations arise, Rudderow Law Group is a trusted resource for efficiently resolving these disputes. Many problems can be resolved informally in a cost-effective manner. When litigation becomes necessary, including an eviction, Dan aggressively protects the property and business interests of community park owners with trial-proven skills.

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The firm is passionate about guarding the property rights and business interests of parks throughout California. We proactively advise clients on how to avoid lawsuits. When disputes arise, the trial-proven lawyers at the firm work efficiently to solve legal disputes to protect the bottom line of clients. To schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer from Rudderow Law Group, call (949) 565-1344.