Unlawful Detainers and Evictions

Rudderow Law Group uses our expertise and dedication to achieve positive results for our clients at competitive prices/fees. Our office is experienced in all aspects of the Unlawful Detainer process from the review of the initial documents and preparation of the complaint through the lockout procedures.

We also prepare and assist with warehouse liens, warehouseman’s liens, abandonment and foreclosure processes for mobilehomes.

Our firm consults with each client to determine their needs and provide them with all necessary documents, procedural advice and keeps them apprised of the progress of their cases at each step of the process.

Home Owners Association Liens (HOA’s)?

The Rudderow Law Group’s staff is knowledgeable and experienced in the preparation of and completion of HOA Liens from the review of the initial final payment correspondence to the resident and the obtaining of any necessary related property documents. Our firm assists and prepares the initial Notice of Delinquent Assessment through the Foreclosure Sale documents. We are attentive to all required deadlines and keep the client informed at each step of the foreclosure process.

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The firm is passionate about guarding the property rights and business interests of parks throughout California. We proactively advise clients on how to avoid lawsuits. When disputes arise, the trial-proven lawyers at the firm work efficiently to solve legal disputes to protect the bottom line of clients. To schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer from Rudderow Law Group, call (949) 565-1344.