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Our business litigation attorneys at Rudderow Law Group understand the adverse impact that litigation can have on a company’s bottom line.  For clients involved in high-stakes lawsuits, the business attorneys at Rudderow Law Group are aggressive in achieving a positive outcome. Our attorneys have years of experience in lawsuits involving property owners, businesses and government entities. The firm has successfully prosecuted and defended clients in bench trials, jury trials, arbitrations, mediations and hearings.

For clients looking to resolve, rather than litigate a case, our attorneys are experienced negotiators who take a hands-on approach to resolving disputes.

Dan takes the time to learn the details about the dispute and the individual goals of each client to craft the best legal strategy to obtain results.  The firm has the knowledge and experience to effectively solve legal problems for clients in a wide variety of business and commercial disputes, including:

The best interests of our clients is our primary concern. Dan seeks innovative solutions through negotiated settlements when possible to control the transactional costs that protracted litigation can produce. However, Dan prepares every case for trial and knows how to aggressively present a compelling case when negotiations fail to prove productive. The ultimate goal in every case is to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

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The firm is passionate about guarding the property rights and business interests of parks throughout California. We proactively advise clients on how to avoid lawsuits. When disputes arise, the trial-proven lawyers at the firm work efficiently to solve legal disputes to protect the bottom line of clients. To schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer from Rudderow Law Group, call (949) 565-1344.